Natalie Baker, NY PsychotherapistI am a licensed psychotherapist in private practice and Buddhist teacher in New York City.  A friend suggested I start a blog as an avenue to explore the connection between the two traditions.  Interest in Buddhist psychotherapy has grown, understandably, from their shared goal of wanting to alleviate people’s suffering.  I have been a student of Tibetan and Shambhala Buddhism since 1991 and trained as a psychotherapist at Naropa University in 1996, an accredited Buddhist-inspired university in Boulder, Colorado.


Contact Information:

Phone: 347.860.4778. See also www.neurofeedbackny.com

Office Location:

  • New York City: E 11th St., Suite 310, New York, NY

Other Links:

For information about neurofeedback. Go to www.neurofeedbackny.com

For information about psychotherapy session and classes for Mental Health Practitioners. Click here

For more information about Shambhala Center in New York and to attend meditation classes, go to www.ny.shambhala.org

For more information about attending a Buddhist class in Westchester, NY please email me at natalienbaker(at)gmail.com. See also the website westchesterbuddhistcenter.org


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