Buddhist Courses

Class Series: Buddhism for Health Professionals

An online class for professionals in the Mental Health Care Industry.

The Buddhist path and Western therapies have similar goals: to alleviate our unhappiness, to engage in practices that cultivate sanity and to understand the roots of all suffering. This course focuses on the Buddhist teachings and meditation practices that may enrich our Western understanding of mind and mental health.

Each class will consist of lecture, meditation practice and group discussion.

Course Topics:

Neurosis: what causes suffering and how is it resolved
Meditation: different techniques and their uses
Karma: working with habitual patterns of thought, emotion and behavior
The emotions: their nature and how they are transformed into wisdom
The Six Realms: six psychological styles of neurosis



To inquire about this course and how to register please send an email to natalienbaker(at)gmail.com or call 347-860-4778.

For more information about Natalie Baker click here


Natalie Baker, NY PsychotherapistNatalie Baker has been a student of Tibetan Buddhism in the Shambhala tradition since 1991 and has been teaching since 1996. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she attended Naropa University, a fully accredited Buddhist university, for a graduate degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, with an emphasis on Buddhist psychology. Natalie works as a psychotherapist in private practice in Manhattan and Bedford Hills.

I have been working as a psychotherapist since 1999 and have also been a practicing Buddhist since 1991. Given my western training in psychology and psychotherapy and my eastern training in Buddhism and meditation I bring a broader perspective to mental health and well-being. – Natalie Baker


Additional Resources

For more information about the Shambhala Center in New York and to attend classes, go to ny.shambhala.org

For more information about attending a Buddhist class in Westchester, NY go to westchesterbuddhistcenter.org


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